Together We Can Impact the Patient Journey

Our Promise is Simple

We promise to be a good partner in delivering skin care solutions that patients and practitioners can be confident in. afa offers a customizable skin health solution for all patients but those with highly-sensitive skin or compromised skin. In-office treatments are highly customizable and offer exceptional results as stand-alone treatments or in combination with other therapies.

The at-home care products are formulated to address multiple skin concerns, creating a simple, compliance-friendly solution which provides clinical results for even stubborn cases. afa products were designed for professionals by professionals and are available only through professional channels.

In-office Treatments

afa professional treatments are designed to improve conditions such as sun damage, acne breakouts and associated inflammation, redness associated with rosacea, dullness, uneven tone, rough textures and general aging.

The two-step afa Clay Peel is best suited for those with normal, oily or combination skin. afa Antioxidant Facial Peels are especially suited for patients with dry or sensitive skin. The range of afa treatment options is designed to be uniquely customizable for each patient.

Combination Therapies

afaLUXE™ technology in both the professional products and the home-care products works to repair the skin’s moisture barrier making them a great complement to many professional dermal procedures and skin care regimens such as microneedling, IPL, microdermabrasion, radio frequency and Fraxel laser treatments.

Want to Learn More?

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The afaLUXE™ Molecular Technology

    • Contains three carboxyl groups versus one found in regular AHAs – allowing it to achieve a much lower, more effective pH below 2.0.
    • Are derived from the immature bud of the sugar cane plant which is extremely high in potent antioxidants, in contrast to AHAs which are derived from the mature sugar cane plant giving them 3x the antioxidant power.
    • Mirror the natural components of filaggrin, one of the skin’s most critical Natural Moisture Factors.
    • Have a molecular weight of less than 100, ensuring deep penetration of the actives.​​​​​
    • Contains a radical amino group which balances the exceptional acidity level of the three carboxylic groups making them safe for most skin types.
    • Allows afa formulations to be a safe and effective complement to any anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea or prevention skin care plan.

afa Patients Will See:

Improved barrier function and a return to more healthy, balanced moisture levels
Diminished hyperpigmentation and signs of sun damage
Minimization of acne breakouts
Reduction in inflammation, redness and rosacea symptoms
Increased collagen production resulting in fewer fine lines and wrinkles
Brightening and smoothing of tone, texture and an improvement in the clarity and appearance of pores

Does your current regimen provide results like these? If not, try afa!