Marvin E. Klein, Board-Certified Dermatologist
Founder & Inventor

Dr. Marvin E. Klein, the inventor of AFAs, was the recipient of the National American Dermatology Association Research Award and a member of Galen’s Honorary Medical Society. He gained international recognition for his proprietary formulations, including an esterified glycolic acid (AHA) and a trichloroacetic acid (TCA) masque. The first company he created, GlyDerm, was sold to an international pharmaceutical company and the products continue to be successfully distributed worldwide.

Always the avid researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Klein founded exCel Manufacturing, Inc. and continued his search for a formula that provided significant anti-aging benefits without the dryness and irritation commonly experienced with other commercially available products.

Dr. Klein’s research focused on specific amino acids present in the epidermis of human skin and discovered a way to esterify and combine the elements that became afaLUXE™. He found this remarkable compound revives the skin without the irritation and dryness common to most leading anti-aging products. afa provides rejuvenation for aging and photodamaged skin through exfoliation and potent antioxidant activity.

From there, Dr. Klein transitioned afa into in-office peels and at-home skin care products. Over the next three years, Dr. Klein led the exCel Manufacturing team through rigorous testing of the afa products through trusted, board-certified dermatologists.

Throughout those ventures, Dr. Klein worked closely with Dr. Schlessinger to test and promote the afa products and concepts. afa is now used around the world by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and universities.